Let’s re-evaluate

Just need to clarify some things.


I am not angry with anyone or blaming anyone for being unable to be there 24/7. This person has been with me throughout every episode I have had this year and there have been many. I think everyone is allowed to say that they can’t cope and it should be a respected decision. It was only more difficult for me as I had solely relied on one person when I was low, and the removal of this showed the cracks in the way I have been dealing with things.

This has made me message a range of friends and reach out to them that I needed their support. What I got back were messages of love and much-needed support. I also was in a way made to talk to my mum about how I have been feeling as I didn’t have that one person to go to.

Everyone in my life are people of sunshine and rainbows. I have trouble trusting so everyone has gone through months of me sussing them out to how close I allow them to come to me.

Thank you all for likes, comments and advice, just needed to clarify that I am not trying to paint anyone in a bad light and I fully respect everyone’s personal decisions.

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