Life on Medication

Hello, all you lovely people.

My previous posts have been written when I was in a secondary state in which my brain tends to start winning that battle over me.

On Sunday, I made the decision that I couldn’t continue this fight without assistance. After 5 hours and a trip to be psychiatrically¬†assessed, I am now back on medication to stable my mood. After years of refusing to ever need medication again, I am at peace with my decision and very proud of myself for sticking through it.
I am less stressed in regard to sleeping now, I can’t say if it is the medication kicking in, or if it’s the knowledge I am safe.

I would like to again address a few things that have happened specifically on this blog. Whilst I understand everyone is entitled to their opinion, I kindly ask for no one to judge characters in my life, this is unfair to all involved.
I am writing this blog to raise awareness to the reality of mental illness and the journey I am undertaking to get better. I am not writing this to paint people in bad lights, and I hope I have made it clear that I have no hatred for anyone that cannot handle the seriousness of my problems,¬†even I can’t do it.

In the positives that have come from this hell weekend, is that I know now how supportive my, network of friends are and there is no judgement, only support. I have also realised I have helped others in their times of need without even knowing. I go by the motto that to do to others what you wish others to do for you. Following this, I believe that life doesn’t provide us with space to hold grudges and hold onto negative thoughts. Instead, I will let the negativity go as I move my life away from the source of such negativity and continue my own goals and journey.

For anyone that reads this and is in a dark place, there is light, that is a promise. People are willing to help. It takes courage and bravery for you to be continuing your fight. Reach out and there will be support, there are useful website links on my page as well. And remember that I am proud of you for sticking with it.

Much love,

Megan x


Let’s re-evaluate

Just need to clarify some things.

I am not angry with anyone or blaming anyone for being unable to be there 24/7. This person has been with me throughout every episode I have had this year and there have been many. I think everyone is allowed to say that they can’t cope and it should be a respected decision. It was only more difficult for me as I had solely relied on one person when I was low, and the removal of this showed the cracks in the way I have been dealing with things.

This has made me message a range of friends and reach out to them that I needed their support. What I got back were messages of love and much-needed support. I also was in a way made to talk to my mum about how I have been feeling as I didn’t have that one person to go to.

Everyone in my life are people of sunshine and rainbows. I have trouble trusting so everyone has gone through months of me sussing them out to how close I allow them to come to me.

Thank you all for likes, comments and advice, just needed to clarify that I am not trying to paint anyone in a bad light and I fully respect everyone’s personal decisions.